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Apprentice school - the dearest project of Reva Simeria

In the vision of Reva Simeria, the responsibility lies between the real economic needs of those in need and the actual way in which the company, as a major business entity in the area, can intervene. Starting with the simple philosophy that says that it is important to give a man the chance for a real future, we developed the Reva Simeria Apprenticeship Program.

At the age of 18, the young orphans are forced to abandon the orphanages where they spent their childhood. Without a family, without a home, without a job, or perspective for a safe tomorrow, they risk being marginalized. This is where Reva Simeria wanted to intervene and managed not only to generate a change, but mostly to provide a model.

59 young men which were about to leave the child protection system, were introduced in the apprenticeship program. The factory "adopted" them. The other workers are not just mentors, but also family. The adjustment was difficult for both parties. The apprentices learned a skill, but also how to manage themselves, to observe the discipline of the factory schedule.

Some chose to go to college, others intend to, and Reva will support them. Others are volunteering or organizing painting exhibitions. One started a family and became a father. The child has godparents from the factory and an extended family of 500 persons.

The project started as a necessity. After the investments made by the shareholders, once we obtained the highest certifications in the industry, and the external contracts to repair the wagons from Europe, we had a need for additional work force.

Also, few young men were interested to learn a job and work in the factory. The factory management started using various channels for recruitment and selection and considered a social category for which the professional qualification and a steady job represent a chance to live. With the aid of psychologists from the orphanages, were selected 59 young men from around the country. They received a home in Simeria and started an apprenticeship program. For one year, they learned how to operate a lathe, to weld or other jobs, and received a paycheck, medical and psychological assistance.

Not all those who joined the program managed to graduate. Currently we have 9 apprentices employed in the factory, with a work contract for an indeterminate period.

Based on the success of the Reva Simeria apprenticeship program, the management of Grampet Group wants to extend the project to the other units of the group (more than 20 companies, among which 3 factories) and outside it. The Group already started the promotion of the project among its customers and suppliers, among which are some of the largest active companies from Romania.


Education and sport

REVA S.A. has consistently supported the training and development of children and juniors from C.S. CFR Simeria (the football, basketball, handball and karate sections).

Due to the involvement of REVA S.A., C.S. CFR Simeria has very good results in the karate section, with the world champion Vesa Ionut, national karate champion and the children and junior teams from the football section which dominate the district level competitions.

C.S. CFR Simeria has Dragos Danciu as part of the Romanian football national team U-16 which already joined three tournaments (Gallini Cup - Pordenone - Italy, Gallini Cup - Budapest - Hungary and the Birmingham Triangle Tournament - England) with the Romanian national team, his performance being appreciated by the technical staff of the Romanian national team.

As a result of the financial involvement of REVA S.A., C.S. CFR Simeria has 6 players in the team of district Hunedoara, juniors born in 2004.

REVA S.A., with the its sport enthusiastic employees, has participated over the last 10 years in competitions organized by C.S. CFR Simeria ("Cupa Ziua Politiei Romane", "Cupa de Primavara", "Cupa Orasului Simeria" and "Cupa Craciunului).

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

With regards,
Hrițac Vasile



Actions and activities with State institutions

  1. The supporting of the operational capacity of the Inspectorate for emergency situations Hunedoara, with involvement in the actions of the authority to organize professional contests for volunteer services, given that our company is a member of the operative cell for emergency situations.
  2. Participation as an operational support force in the activities specific to the management of emergency situations in the Annual camp for preparing for Emergency situations organized by Asociatia Centrul de Voluntariat Simeria VOLSIM (July-August 2016, 2017)
  3. 3. The planned organization of intervention drills with specific field forces and means, focusing on the management of the emergency situation generated by fires on high risk objectives, according to the scenarios and the synoptic of the activities established during the intervention, prepared and coordinated by the Firefighting department Deva from the Inspectorate for emergency situations Hunedoara. (2015 - 2016).



Partnership with the Anghel Saligny High-School

Starting with January 2017, a partnership will be initiated the high school from the city, which will allow students to practice in the Reva workshops, depending on their profile. In 2017 we have implement a program by which we wish to hire, under special conditions, the students in the senior year of the Anghel Saligny High-School. This will present benefits for both parties, because Reva will gain a young workforce and the young men have the certainty of a workplace in their city.