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The Company

Located in western Romania, in a city known as an important railroad junction, REVA SA Simeria was founded in 1869, and has a rich tradition for repairing rolling stock. In the year 1992 it is established as a joint stock company with a majority public shareholding, and, in 2001, the company undergoes privatization through public bidding, the main shareholder being GRAMPET SA Bucuresti.
All the activities conducted are supported by technical training, experience and professionalism of the highest level. The organization and operation of the company are focused towards achieving its goals: satisfying customer requirements and expectations, increasing customer trust, maintaining and expanding the won market segments, improving the quality of the services provided.

The vision of REVA is to become the first choice for its customers for the repair/modernization of freight wagons by providing the services and solutions they need.

The mission of REVA is to provide comprehensive, high-quality services for the repair of wagons and to continuously develop innovative professional solutions for our customers’ requirements.


1. Professionalism – A responsible, efficient attitude built on the desire to earn the trust of all the company's customers and collaborators.

2. Attention to the customer and efficiency - ensured by the quality of the services provided and the understanding of our customers needs, with the offering of professional solutions.

3. Team spirit - our success is the result of the involvement of all the company’s employees.

4. Experience for more than a century and continuous innovation.

The company is focused on achieving the following goals:

  • To continuously improve  the quality of the services provided.
  • To maintain the gained market segments, to expand them and widen the variety of types of services provided.
  • To meet the requirements of customers at European standards;