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3. Services and products

Main fields of activity

• The design, manufacturing, modernization and repair of railway wagons
• The manufacturing and reconditioning of the rolling stock spare parts
• The manufacturing of metallic structures and other industrial products
• The execution of stands, installations for civilian and industrial constructions, SDVs, forged and molded parts, accessories for machine tools, oxygen bottling;
• Import and export activities and trading of rolling stock, raw materials and products
• Casting of parts from cast iron and steel


Revision and repair of wagons
  • Inspection and repair of freight wagons from the series: F, T, U, R, K, E, S, L, H;
  • Inspection and repair of cistern wagons from the series Z;
  • Inspections G4.0, G4.2, G4.8, according to the VPI norms;
  • Inspections and tests for cistern wagon recipients, calibrations;
  • Mobile maintenance workshop.

In order to conduct the inspection and repair works, Reve has specific workshops, sandblasting booths, painting-drying stations, mechanical processing stations, chemical, metrology and non-destructive testing laboratories, testing and checking benches, high performance technologies and specialized personnel.

Constructions and modernizations of wagons - series E, L, F, Z
Several examples of construction and modernization works for wagons from the series E, L, F, Z:
  • The 60 m3 cistern wagon, equipped with heating installation, for which the thermal insulation was executed in order to limit heat loss during transport
  • The Laadffoos wagon for vehicle transport, constructed through the modification and modernization of the wagon pair type TD 452 to the wagon pair type TDT 852 on 8 axles. The modernization of this wagon pair consists in the provision of lateral sliding walls from tarpaulin and a fixed roof
  • Reconstruction of Eaos wagon,which consisted of the execution of a new chassis and new body, as well as of the restoration of the other elements of the wagon to the initial parameters.
  • The modification of wagon series Faccpps in a Uapps series wagon, which consisted of the modification and consolidation of the chassis, the modification the unloading installation, the modification and consolidation of the body for a larger volume, the production and installation of the roof, the manhole lids for the loading, and the installation of new accessories
  • The school wagon, composed from two parts: cistern for the liquid products and liquefied gases. Each side has installed safety equipment specific to the transported products. The wagon is used to conduct practical equipment handling exercises and for training in its use
Component repair works
  • Repair works of mounted axles;
  • IL, IS1, IS2, IS3 maintenance according to the VPI norms;
  • Repair works for buffers, bogies, springs, braking equipment.

For the repair of components, Reva has sandblasting cleaning booths (bogies and axles), washing installations, modernized lathes with CNC control, with high productivity, designed for the processing of the running profile of the axles according to the SR EN 13715 standard, equipment for the UT and MT non-destructive control, testing and checking benches, painting - drying cabins.

Manufacturing of spare parts

Spare parts manufactured at Reva or manufactured by Electroputere VFU Pascani SA, a company belonging to the same Holding, Grampet, and which are homologated by the Romanian Railway Authority as follows: helical springs, UIC coupling equipment, towing bars, towing hooks, buffers, Y latches, break heads, hardened bolts and bushings.